How it works

Phase 1 — Strategy Consultation

We’ll meet your leadership team, review your literacy data and learn more about your reading culture and the interventions you’ve been using.

From this, we’ll give you a report with practical recommendations to help you cut down unnecessary use of resources, revise your school screening systems and increase your impact on students.

Phase 2 — Assessment Training

Reliable assessment is the key to effective reading intervention. Over two days, we’ll train up to six of your staff how to identify each student’s needs and confidently match them to appropriate interventions.

Phase 3 — Implementation

We’ll spend three days coaching the staff who completed Phase 2 on how to deliver the Thinking Reading programme. They’ll learn how to conduct diagnostic assessments, plan lessons, set up the classroom, organise timetables and report to staff and parents.

After a few months, we’ll observe your intervention team teaching and give feedback. This will be followed by a day of advanced training.

Twelve-month Partnership

Welcome to partnership! When you’ve successfully completed Phase 3, we’ll begin a twelve-month CPD partnership, where you’ll share students’ progress with us at regular intervals, and we’ll help you solve learning problems as they arise. The partnership includes training for up to two new staff members, plus advanced training for the team leader and annual re-certification for your school.

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