Students reading and choosing books in a library (illustration)

A Unique, Powerful Approach

We equip secondary schools to resolve the most serious reading problems.

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Student reading (illustration)

Who does Thinking Reading help?

We equip secondary schools to teach the lowest 10% successfully. The students that you didn’t think could learn to read will learn to read. They will catch up rapidly — and completely.

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Why does Thinking Reading work so well?

Our programme is rigorous, research-based and systematic. We teach more in less time using age-appropriate books and expert teaching methods. Highly detailed assessment tracks progress in every aspect of the customised, one-to-one lesson.

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How does Thinking Reading work with schools?

We work with schools from the strategic level to the details of lesson delivery, integrating Thinking Reading into the DNA of the school. We provide in-depth, practical training and long-term support and guidance.

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