Finding the Right Partner

Mar 31, 2023 | Literacy Leadership

Successful collaboration is all about ‘fit’

Thinking Reading is mission-driven, not sales-driven. We partner with secondary schools to help eliminate adolescent illiteracy. We provide expertise, training and a powerful intervention programme. We also provide intensive support with the implementation. Our partner schools have students who need help, staff who want to help them, and leaders who share our vision.

We are looking for partners, not customers. When schools get in touch, we never do a sales pitch. We are interested in finding out about the school, and whether our support is what the school needs. In many cases we advise schools to limit their work with us to having a consultation to audit their whole-school literacy provision and developing screening systems, until they know how many students need the kind of intervention we provide.

We also want to know whether leaders are able to make the necessary commitments for a successful implementation, including staffing, rooming, and leadership support. If leaders aren’t yet in a position to make those commitments, we advise them to wait until they are. If you make an enquiry, you can expect to have at least one, probably two, in-depth conversations with us about your school, your students’ needs and the priorities of your leadership team.

Because we are mission-driven, effective implementation in every school is a high priority. We don’t want partners who become frustrated down the line because of our constant focus on getting things right. We want partners who share that same long-term commitment to making sure that every student leaves secondary school able to read well.

If that approach resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.


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